Leverage The Voice of Existing Industry Leaders

Giving your brand a distinct voice will accomplish little if no one listens to it. The reality is that more than 80% of new brands fail, and of the 20% that do survive, only a few can indeed be described as successful. If you want to be successful, you must leverage the qualities of established market leaders who are already highly vocal.

Due to their longevity in the market, these players have developed into household names. As a result, they can readily impact the activities of your target audience.

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This kind of influence may easily be used to boost your credibility, spread your message to your target audience, and, most significantly, result in sales. The critical question that remains is who these industry leaders are. Anyone who is regarded as an authorized person within a specific field is considered an industry leader.

Make the mistake of focusing exclusively on other well-known brands.

A thought leader in an industry can be a blogger, consultancy, aspiring photojournalist, or even a traditional author. Whatever the case, carefully selecting your allies will undoubtedly benefit you. These folks already exert influence over the very people you are attempting to reach. However, how can one recognize an industry leader?

This, too, will require some investigation, but social media helps make the process a bit less laborious.

Consider the number of followers or likes on a possible ally’s social media account. However, it is straightforward to ‘buy’ followers or likes without gaining anything in return, as we both know. Some of these individuals may not exist at all or may be unaware of the page’s purpose. The objective is to locate an individual or group with a ‘profitable following.’

You can check the page’s popularity or profitability by observing the page’s activity rather than depending on the numbers. Consider how frequently that page’s postings are liked and whether the comments left by followers are primarily positive or negative. Positive comments on a social media website indicate that these users are likely to respond to your call to action.

Once you’ve selected a qualified candidate, you’ll want to investigate their brand. Once you build an alliance with this brand, people will assume that you have the same values or represent the same things. If your goal is to establish a healthy, family atmosphere, partnering with a tattoo parlor or gothic clothes business is most certainly not advantageous.

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You must identify industry leaders who share your goals and ideals. However, it may not be prudent to choose an individual or business that promotes the same types of things as you do. A more realistic alternative would be to partner with a firm or blog that supports complementary products to your own.

For instance, if your products or services revolve around weddings and other special events, a photojournalist might be extremely important. Your objective is to earn your target audience’s trust, which will not happen if you give a contradictory message. When forming this connection, your purpose should also be to locate someone in whom your audience can place their trust.

Concentrate on conveying a concise message that does not appear unduly strong or phony. This means you should avoid any people or brand that is constantly promoting something. Your audience will believe your call to action is just another gimmick, and the partnership will have done nothing.

Concentrate on brands committed to giving relevant information and enhancing their audience’s life through their product or service. Now that you know what to look for, we need to focus on harnessing the voices of the identified industry leaders.

Uncomplicated Meet & Greet

Because the old-fashioned manner of doing business is usually preferable, why not begin with a bit of introduction? Then, you can send an email to the individual or organization of interest. This email should be concise but not overbearing. Your objective is to portray the agreement as a win-win scenario for both firms. However, keep in mind that this individual is unlikely to be familiar with you or your business.

And, if they are as popular as you believe, they may have been approached previously about forming a similar coalition. Avoid becoming discouraged if you face some level of opposition or suspicion. You may even need to demonstrate to them why you are deserving of such an arrangement. Their primary focus will be on your contributions. Offering to post their stuff on your websites or social media pages is a tried and true method of gaining allies.

Establish a Syndicate

Another way to utilize an industry leader’s voice is to join a syndicate. This is a frequently occurring occurrence in the realm of online marketing. It entails a collection of marketers agreeing to promote one another’s products across the numerous platforms under their control. That essentially gives you complete access to the network of every group member. A brief introduction will be required, and the group should agree on the rules or standards for doing their promotions.

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This will necessitate a certain amount of trust and meticulous planning. Being’spammy’ or ‘pushy’ will merely scare away potential clients. Each syndicate member will be required to select a launch date for their promotions that does not interfere with the advancements of other team members. Additionally, each member must agree not to advertise things that are too similar to those promoted by other syndicate members.

If each member strictly complies with the team’s rules, a syndicate can significantly increase each participant’s sales. However, there are advantages to creating a conglomerate that goes beyond simply supporting one another’s work. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals will motivate you to improve your game. Understanding how they overcome hurdles and maintain motivation will undoubtedly prove beneficial to you.

This will assist you in creating the optimal environment for success.

“Surround yourself with only those who will help you grow.” — Oprah Winfrey.

Programs of Sponsored Advertising

Another way to utilize the voice of industry experts is through Sponsored Ad Programs. As the name implies, this option will demand payment. However, if you play your cards correctly, you will earn significantly more than you invested. This strategy entails utilizing Sponsored Tweets and other related advertisements.

You are essentially paying someone with a large, dedicated following to advertise your goods. It sounds straightforward, but it will work to your advantage only if you adhere to the recommendations I stated previously. Always conduct a thorough vetting of the social media profiles of persons interested in marketing your brand before making any payments.

I cannot underscore how critical this is because one incorrect mistake can permanently damage your brand.

Utilizing the voice of industry leaders will accomplish little if you do not direct potential clients to your own social media presence.

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