• Leah Leila

    Leah Leila

    We support care providers to meet CQC standards and regulatory compliance through bespoke training & consultancy.

  • Riley Lewis

    Riley Lewis

    Creating an open financial system for the world. www. lewis23.com

  • Cassandra Robin

    Cassandra Robin

    Rachel O’Connell Designer Maker Leather Artisan & Marble Artist | Made For Best For Everyday® Commissions welcome.

  • Makayla Carina

    Makayla Carina

    We are passionate about eye care and eyewear. Amit and Nicole.

  • Jada Simone

    Jada Simone

    At SHL we deliver, without compromise, a quality legal service by using modern technology and respecting the traditional values of the profession.

  • Megan Lorena

    Megan Lorena

    Jamie Martin BSc (Hons), PGCert, LISM

  • Kayla Marlene

    Kayla Marlene

    Digital and traditional artist with a penchant for insects and assorted fauna

  • Mackenzie Breana

    Mackenzie Breana

    I create handmade polymer clay earrings

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